Here come the SLUTTY CLOWNS!


We are looking for a Label to release our Monolithic Debut Album!


SLUTTY CLOWNS are the Grandmasters of Bordun Hypnosis


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Is a new project by Composer, Producer and Labelowner SICKER MAN And Vocalist, Loopartist and Berlin Underground Phenomena KIKI BOHEMIA. Both have been releasing records with there Solo-Projects for quite a while now, But now they came up with new, disturbing and political musical experience called: Slutty Clowns. A name, that is less a horror-film-fantasy, but more a description of our lifes in this post-capitalistic dystopia. „In the end, we are all the slutty clowns of society“ (Victor Smirka, 2017). A name, that is also meant to break the art-industry-bubble that is created around The genres of so called „minimal“ or „drone“ music. Giving experimental back it’s punky side is one attitude that drives THE SLUTTY CLOWNS.

Both create a dark, drone universe only with their attitude and their instruments: an electric cello and a bowed bass, and as refined selection of analog fuzz pedals. Inspired by the immortal words of Tony Conrad: „Minimal Music should always lead has to be Maximal Expression.“

Still want to know more? Go ahead and write us, ask us. We are open for almost everything.

Thanks and Take care!

The Slutty Clowns


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